Culturally Informed and Flexible Family Based Treatment for Adolescents (CIFFTA)

Our CIFFTA Adaptive Training model focuses on five core competencies (systemic conceptualization, engagement, eliciting motivation, modifying interactions, tailoring treatment) and three sets of skills (conceptual, perceptual, executive).
CIFFTA was developed to fill the need for an evidence based treatment that combined the best of family treatment, adolescent treatment, and advances in serving racially and ethnically diverse families. 

Treatment innovations
CIFFTA innovations include the adaptive and flexible framework that facilitates tailoring the intervention based on patient characteristics , preferences, and cultural profiles.

Systemic treatment planning
CIFFTA emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive systemic formulation and links this systemic formulation to treatment planning. 

Work with the adolescent
CIFFTA prescribes individual work with the adolescent in each stage of the treatment to achieve the developmental goals that are important to the adolescent.

Work with the family
The CIFFTA therapist works with different family members and the entire family unit at each of the treatment phases.

Extending CIFFTA to other populations 
CIFFTA was originally developed for Latino adolescents and families but its components and processes have been extended to work with marginalized populations other than the Latino population.

CIFFTA testimonials from families and therapists.

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