“But with this program, now I can talk to him. I can’t shut him up. Every day he comes home, he’s telling me more and more”

“I noticed like the third time we came and we were face- to- face, he started expressing himself. I was shocked because I never actually got to see him share himself, his inner feelings with me”

“I just hope they would never take this program away because of the benefits that the parents can get, like, we ourselves had the chance to do. So, um, with me … Like I say, I’m thankful for you guys”


“Tailoring the treatment to the family makes them feel that you are taking their experiences and preferences into account from the beginning of treatment”

“The tailoring report makes it easy to identify the family’s unique stressors, life experiences, and vulnerabilities so that the therapist doesn’t miss it”

“This was a really fulfilling experience. I’ve learned a lot and I will keep using everything I got from this training in my daily work with clients. Thank you so much!”

“This was a real learning experience in simulating these interventions with the client and I got more comfortable on video the more I practiced”

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