Our Current Projects

National Institute of Mental Health Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)

This study utilizes our Training and Implementation Platform (TIP) to close the gap between the development of new, research-tested interventions and their widespread use by those most in need.
The aims are to:
◆ Utilize TIP to focus on well-established family competencies and facilitate learning, practice, and testing of the competencies and tailored implementation consultation.
◆ Significantly increase agency staff and leadership readiness for family therapy training and implementation.
◆ Show significant improvement in counselor family therapy competencies that continue to increase after the initial training events and during a brief consultation period.
◆ Investigate the feasibility/acceptability of the platform utilizing participants’ usage and satisfaction data.
Miami-Dade County Children’s Trust
This project, funded by Miami-Dade Children’s Trust, utilizes our Training and Implementation Platform (TIP) to address four major areas: Training-related needs assessment, staff training, coaching and implementation consultation, and peer learning. The work incorporates state-of-the-science online Adaptive Training processes that provide a dynamic and data-driven trainee-centered approach. We have partnered with three groups of experts who provide evidence-based interventions: Culturally Informed and Flexible Family Therapy with Adolescents (CIFFTA), Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), and the Community Health Workers/Natural Helpers programs.