TIA’s mission is to support mental health professionals, treatment agencies, and funding agencies in their quest to improve our nation’s mental health. TIA develops empirically based and cost-effective solutions to meet the complex and long-standing implementation challenges they face. Our online platform is a key component of this approach as it incorporates the most recent advances in adaptive training methods, implementation science, and simulation. TIA’s training and implementation approach is culturally informed and addresses the diversity of the providers and agencies we serve.
TIA addresses two major sets of training and implementation challenges:
► The training challenges pertaining to mastering new evidence-based practices, including the high cost of in-person training and training needs related to staff turnover.
► Challenges related to the implementation process, including organizational readiness and the need for ongoing support to facilitate sustainment.

Innovations in Training

Addressing the challenges of initial acceptance of the new practice.

Innovations in Implementation

Implementing and sustaining the new practice in an effective and efficient manner.