Our Consultant Network

TIA has a strong network of consultants at a national and international level. These are individuals who are highly accomplished in their field and who provide TIA with specific expertise. Here we highlight our collaboration with two of our senior consultants.

Maite Mena, Psy.D.

Senior Training and Implementation Consultant

Dr. Mena is the co-developer of CIFFTA and works to ensure that EBTs are sensitive to the unique experiences of diverse groups. Dr. Mena has worked with Dr. Daniel Santisteban (TIA’s co-founder) for the past 20 years, collaborating on a number of projects and related publications.

Dr. Mena’s research expertise includes study design and treatment implementation; she has played a central role in making cultural adaptations to family-based treatment. Dr. Mena also has expertise in clinical work, teaching, and training. She regularly conducts large training events on CIFFTA and Motivational Interviewing.

Richard C. Cervantes, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant

Dr. Cervantes’ area of expertise incorporates both assessment and prevention science to study health disparities in the areas of Hispanic mental health, family acculturation stress, and development of culturally informed behavioral health promotion programs for youth and families. He has been funded and successfully completed Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) projects, supervised large scale multisite data collection with Latino immigrants, and most recently completed a study to operationalize and measure acculturation stress in Hispanic adults through the development of the Hispanic Stress Inventory2.

Dr. Cervantes’ work has also included research leading to the development of prevention programs for youth, aimed to enhance family resilience and family coping skills.