Results of NIMH SBIR Phase I study

The results of our study showed that TIA’s learning platform was equivalent or slightly better than a Treatment as Usual (TAU) condition who received 2 days of in-person training with an expert.
This is important for technology transfer because TAU is more costly, more difficult to deliver to all persons who desire the training, and causes significant delays in delivering to new staff. The learning platform demonstrated the value of easily accessible and flexible online training, especially during the COVID-related disruptions, when in-person training came to a standstill. In addition to quizzes that showed the knowledge acquired after each module, we created a set of standard case vignettes that were used to measure skills following the training and coaching. For the TIA group, the 18 therapists showed average scores of 3 (competence) or better on 5 of the 6 scores and on the Total Score. Scores at 3 or above show therapists were not only able to understand the material conceptually but also execute the skills taught. TAU therapists also averaged 3 or better on 4 of 6 scores and on the Total score. Comparing the TIA and TAU trainees, there was one statistically significant difference on Motivational Enhancement, with TIA trainees scoring significantly higher. Three effect sizes were worth noting: A large effect size (Cohen’s d=1.5) for Motivation Enhancement favoring TIA, a medium effect size (d=.66) for Engagement favoring TIA, and a medium effect size (d=.55) on Blocking favoring TAU.
Competencies TestedTAU, N=7
1=Poor 3=Competence 5=Excellent
TIA, N=18
1=Poor, 3=Competence 5=Excellent
1. Engagement of family members (based on two tasks)M=2.6 (SD=1.0)M =3.3 (SD=1.1)
2. Motivation Enhancement (based on two tasks)M =3.3 (SD=.5) *M =4.0 (SD=.5) *
3. Addressing client feeling coerced into treatmentM = 3.0 (SD=1.2)M = 3.6 (SD=1.2)
4. Reframing technique (based on two tasks)M =3.4 (SD=1.1)M =2.8 (SD=1.3)
5. Addressing culture (based on two tasks)M = 2.9 (SD=.8)M = 3.0 (SD=1.0)
6. Blocking Conflictual InteractionsM = 4.6 (SD=1.1)M = 3.8 (SD=1.6)
7. Total Score (based on all 10 separate tasks)M = 31.9 (SD=6.9)M = 33.6 (SD=7.2)
* = statistically significant =.003, Cohen’s d=1.5