NIMH SBIR Phase II Study

TIA’s National Institute of Mental Health Small Business Innovation Research Program Phase II study will investigate whether our family training and implementation platform (FTTIP) is “not inferior” to traditional face-to-face training on all key domains, including trainee competencies, agency readiness, and client outcomes.

The Aims of the Phase II study are to:

  • Complete learning, practice and competency-testing paths that provide the learner multiple learning options and increase the dynamic nature of the platform.
  • Demonstrate that 75 FTTIP trainees show improvement in all core family therapy competencies that are not inferior to 75 providers receiving traditional in-person family therapy training as tested using pre and post training measures within a randomized clinical trial.
  • Demonstrate that 150 client families (child-caregiver dyads) receiving CIFFTA family therapy show adequate retention in treatment, therapeutic alliance, and significant pre-post treatment improvements on family environment and presenting problems.
  • Establish the process (e.g., initiation and delays in training new staff) and cost associated with training in each of the two training conditions.
  • Demonstrate that 15 agency leaders receiving FTTIP agency readiness consultations show more pre and post change in agency readiness and knowledge than 15 leaders receiving agency engagement as usual.

FTTIP’s commercial application is that national, state, and local treatment services funders and providers will find FTTIP to be a highly cost effective, flexible, and engaging way to improve the quality of their evidence-based treatments. TIA’s experience in providing training in Spanish will also allow the product to impact Latin America and other countries such as Spain.