Peer Learning Network

Peer learning networks (PLN) establish a collaborative work environment through which participants communicate and learn from each other, engaging in a continuous learning process to improve and sustain practice. Virtual PLNs are increasingly being used to support implementation of effective practices, especially in situations such as web-based training where there is limited face-to-face contact with trainers and peers.

The format and content of TIA’s PLN are grounded on state of the science implementation processes.  Our PLN provides synchronous and asynchronous forms of communication. The former is supported by regular virtual meetings, while the latter is supported by an online forum where participants can post questions and resources between meetings. Creating a repository of resources is considered an important aspect of supporting ongoing use of effective practices.
The virtual meetings have a specific format, allowing for expert presentation of content, case presentations, discussion of implementation issues, and presentation of additional resources that could assist with effective practices. As the literature has indicated, including opportunities to practice new skills, receiving constructive feedback, and discussing challenges, are valuable aspects of implementing new knowledge.
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