Coaching is provided to counselors and clinical supervisors during the training and implementation stages. Training without coaching can lead to increased staff stress and decreased staff mastery of the new EBP. Coaching is utilized by TIA as a means of sustaining the EBP and supporting providers.
A very innovative component of TIA’s platform is a system of providing feedback to the counselors in their recorded sessions. The supervisor or coach reviewing the session can place comments and suggestions on the video recording at the exact point where the therapist’s intervention is taking place. This recording with the supervisor’s notes is then sent back to the trainee so that they can view their own intervention along with the feedback and use it to shape the words and interventions they use next time. This makes feedback very specific and generalizable to their own repertoire. The trainees are also asked to provide comments on the feedback received, thus creating a dynamic and highly interactive feedback loop.
Coaching is also provided for clinical supervisors through TIA’s online platform. The coaching activities target fidelity of implementation by standardizing the training and coaching process so that it is delivered as a uniform package. It also allows for built-in fidelity measures as the training progresses, ensuring uniformity of content, and a consistent delivery format. This comprehensive approach to standardization makes implementation less susceptible to the “drifting” that usually takes place over time.
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