About TIA

Training and Implementation Associates (TIA) programmatic strategy aims to close the gap between evidence-based interventions and their widespread use by front line counselors. TIA accomplishes this goal by incorporating recent advances in implementation science, adaptive training methods, technology that facilitates the use of innovative training and implementation strategies and the ability to engage and partner with national EBT experts.

At the core of TIA’s Training and Implementation Platform (TTIP) is a solid commitment to culturally informed services that address the diversity of our trainees and ensures that the EBTs taught have a cultural component in them.

The TTIP platform is:

  • Easy to learn and use by individuals that are not experts in the use of technology
  • Utilizes multimedia formats
  • Adapts itself to the unique learning needs of the trainee
  • Collects information/data and score tests and surveys
  • Provides a secure channel for streaming of sessions for live or delayed coaching
All of our training components are:
  • Self-paced, allowing the learner to proceed on their schedule
  • Mobile and On Demand: Accessible 24/7 on any device (desktop, tablet, phone)
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